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Customized customer experience is a must for today's digital sellers. The  most successful sites use personalization. Video personalization helps your business efficiency and ROI.



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Create Demo version for leading companies in e-commerce for Digital transformation Summit DOTS.

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Motionlab can be leveraged in e-commerce also for

  • Product upsell / cross sell
  • Personalized show windows
  • Individual offerings, B2C & B2B
  • ROI increase
  • CTR boost
  • Retention rate decrease
  • Information about status of purchased items
  • Renewal services communication cycle
  • Basket/web abandoned message
  • Personalized chatbot messages
  • Onboarding affiliates
  • Compliant - apologize plus gift message
  • Instore video message for mobiles while waiting
  • Point: Status, upsell, thank you for your purchase
  • Loyalty program explanation and status review

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