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Motionlab AdinA – Video personalization platform

Personalize videos with no limits.

Motionlab Adina platform is an advanced and easy-to-use video personalization technology in the same time.

easy use for every role

Role-based access for video creators, data managers and campaign analysts enables every user to work simply with current skillset.

Video creator

Use Motionlab AE Extension easily integrable. into Adobe AE, the industry standard in video editing. This will allow you to create hundreds of AE effects without any need to learn how to work with yet another editing tool.

Data manager

Operate with customers data inside Motionlab‘s secure and 100% GDPR compliant platform. No need for any video editing skills.

Campaign analyst

Evaluate and optimize campaigns based on analytics included in the platform. Motionlab measures metrics like video completion rate video open rate, video CTR and much more.

Favourite integrations

API Adobe After Effect Microsoft dynamics 365
Sales force

...and many more

boost your direct communication chanels

Motionlab makes your e-mails, MMS and app messages on steroids.

With various possibilities of distribution of personalized videos you will always reach the maximum potential of engagement with your customers. Personalized videos by Motionlab are easily integrable. into your favorite e-mail platform, SMS/MMS solutions or custom applications.

Favourite integrations

mailchimp SendGrid Microsoft dynamics 365
SMS/MMS mailforce

...and many more

Engage with you customers

Use Motionlab player and leave hosting and streaming of your videos to us.

Motionlab Player is easily integrable. into your landing page thanks to various integrations to the most-used web solutions. Our player will always play the right video for the specific viewer. Let your customers engage with their video thanks to CTA buttons.

Favourite integrations

Your CMS Kentico
Wordpress Sitecore

...and many more

No limits for creativity

Use full video production potential. Hundreds of effects available for your video thanks to Motionlab AE extension.

Video artists use Motionlab AE Extension to create dynamic video template that allows them to combine data and creative assets into thousands of unique personalized videos. Personalization attributes are set by the data manager in advance. Thanks to this video artists can just focus on video editting and the dynamic template preparation.

Measure anything in every video

Personalized videos score a phenomenal video completation rate, engagement and click through rate.

Measure these and many other metrics with Adina statistics. Motionlab platform also allows you to use a unique CTA buttons unique to every customer.

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