How it works

5 easy steps

Create a story based on data

Start with the script for your personalized video campaign. List what you know about your customers (data) and use it in a creative way.

Work with:


text placeholders

(eg. show customer’s name)



(eg. place an image of the ordered product in the scene)



(eg. show customer’s address), dynamic voiceover (eg. Hi, Tom!)


dynamic scenes

(eg. all scenes will be shot including same age group actors)

Shoot or animate all scenes of the video based on the script. Have your postproduction artist supervise the shooting to make it smooth for postproduction and personalization.

Create a template in After Effects

Use Motionlab Template Creator for After Effects to wrap the video into a Motionlab Template. Pair your data with specific placeholders. You can design, preview and test the personalization right in After Effects. When the template is ready, upload it into Motionlab platform.

Render videos


Batch upload your data and render thousands of personalized videos at once.


Use Motionlab API subscription and render videos on the fly in your marketing automation.


Get our app Personalizard to create personalized videos one at a time. It is as easy as filling a form.

Distribute videos

Personalized thumbnail

All rendered videos come with a personalized thumbnail - an image from the video with a play button. Thanks to this you can use personalized videos also in email and MMS campaigns by including a personalized thumbnail in the message, which links to a landing page with Motionlab video player.

Motionlab video player

Personalized videos are stored on the Motionlab platform and streamed to Motionlab video player. Design your landing pages for the campaign with Motionlab video player. Use in-video buttons for Call to action.

Report and evaluate

Motionlab gathers analytics of your campaign. Track video open rate, views, clicks, view retention and much more.

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