React Developer

You will definitely want to watch video ads from Motionlab till the very end! Why? Because they are personalized and tailor-made just for you!

We were awarded several marketing and startup prizes for our platform in the first year of the company's existence. Nevertheless, it was the moment when large advertising agencies and clients, such as ČSOB, Microsoft, Alza, UNIQA or Home Credit, started to use our technology that brought us much greater joy.

Our stack

  • React, Javascript (ES >= 6)

  • Rest Api (Axios, Backend based on .NET Core)

  • Code Quality Tools (Lint, Prettier)

  • CI/CD (Github Actions)

  • Frontend based on template Dandelion

We are searching for someone who:

  • Has experience in React development

  • Independent, extrovert to our introvert group, you need to fit with our culture

  • Passion for modern web development and sharing knowlegde with rest of the team

  • Interest in multimedia and online video marketing

What do we offer?

  • You will participate in strategic choosing of technologies for a platform with global ambitions.

  • We will be glad if you decide to introduce our technology at conferences (in Czechia or worldwide). You can talk on podcasts or publish articles in specialized media.

  • You can of course work on flexible working hours and have the possibility of home office. We will also often meet in our office in a pleasing environment of Prague Startup Market.

  • We are looking for a colleague to work full-time. Although if we see a potential in you, we can also discuss other forms of collaboration.

  • Offices in Prague-Holešovice (Prague Startup Market)

  • Dog friendly offices

Who we are?

Our team is a combination of creative and technological minds. As we often discuss our product, joining the two worlds together, we could say we have a highly creative developers and a very technologically advanced creative people in our team. That is why we always have so many ideas and so much energy to push the boundaries of video personalization forward. And also why everyone in the company understands terms such as keyframe, pool, composition, renderer or CSV.

P.S.: Written by regular programming monkey, sorry for typos! 🙈

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